Learn life changing transformational technologies, be stretched beyond your limits, step into living your life's purpose becoming a master coach and leader.

1) You must be clear that you feel an undeniable calling to work with Kute in this apprenticeship process.

2) You are looking for a teacher or mentor, are coachable, and ready to be stretched beyond what you know is possible.

3) You are ready to step into your greatness and live the true purpose for which you were born without compromise.

4) You are committed to serving humanity and you know it's time to step into living your calling and creating the structure in your life to express it fully.

5) You are ready to begin your apprenticeship immediately if chosen.

6) You are ready to commit your time, finances and energy to make this a reality.
If you are ready to commit to the apprentice program you will simply know it.

It is destined. And you will feel it in your heart.

If you are 100% ready and you know, then APPLY.

You will be interviewed. Due to the intensive nature of this process, there will be a limited number of apprentices each year.

This is a rare opportunity of a lifetime.

If you meet these qualifications, fill out the form below, email or call us requesting an interview.

Please include your contact information and a member of my team will contact you for an in-depth interview.
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