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Here's what people are saying about Kute:

"Kute is a super conductor of Divine energy. His life is an emanation of God!"
- Sondra Ray
Internationally renowned bestselling author of 17 books.
"The experience with Kute was extraordinary. It was really wonderful to look into my soul. I traveled the world with Kute, and my life changed 360 degrees. Thanks to the process Kute took me through I was able to connect with my essence. He is a master."
- Cesar Franco
Real Estate
"I want to express my gratitude and love for all the work that you do. I have worked with many different coaches, trainers, and spiritual leaders. I have attended many seminars and trainings, including Anthony Robbins' Mastery University, LifeSpring, EST, Mike Ferry, and a few others. I can say without reservation that I have not experienced the sense of change and transformation with these experiences as I have felt and noticed working with you. I feel that all the prior experiences I had simply put me in a place to be open, to the wisdom, expertise, and commitment that you bring to your level of coaching. I thought of a good comparison to use in the way you do your job, and that is, I see you as the "Tiger Woods" of personal transformation. You are a very wise, loving, committed, and compassionate leader. I will recommend you to those people I love and care for, as well as anyone who is open and ready to truly begin their transformation. Thank you!"
- Rudy Campos
Top Real Estate Agent/Remax
"Kute Blackson is an extraordinary human being and coach. Having worked with spiritual healers, transformational teachers and therapists in more then 10 countries, I can safely say that Kute Blackson is world-class and his place is assured among the most helpful and intelligent guides currently working on the planet. While it's clear that Kute's use of modalities is top-notch, it's not his techniques that make him unique. It's his presence, his state-of-consciousness. He's compassionate, loving, and accepting, practicing a kind of "tough-love", a space for us to work through our denial and our lack of self-honesty, which is often at the heart of our "stuckness".
- Stuart Geltner
"Kute is a living, loving soul that is sent to earth to give those who are open to see any and every possibility in their lives. After going through many seminars, I still felt an emptiness inside. No matter what I achieved it never seemed enough. Working with Kute has opened me up to a space of simply 'Being'. Love, intimacy, seeing the possibilities, trusting the process are all showing up in my life. Life has begun to flow like a fresh river. Working with Kute has been a life changing experience…..a real answer."
- Kathleen Mello-Navejas
Former Mayor and City Council member.
"Working with Kute was a journey of self discovery, insight, acceptance, and embracing myself. I reached peaks that I never thought was possible. This was the most powerful gift I could have given myself."
- Dotan Shoham
Founder/President of Pacific Blue and Gypsy 05.
"I had read several self-help books and audiotapes, but I never found the answer to my question: "How can I truly be happy with my life?" In working with Kute, I found the secret to happiness and success. Kute Blackson helped take all the junk from my subconscious and conscious mind, presenting to me what is most important on an open platter. I recommend Kute Blackson to anyone in search of true happiness and ultimate success in all aspects in life".
- Vartkes M Iskenderian
President of Zankou Chicken Inc.
"Working with Kute has definitely been a great experience. It has been great self development along with self enlightenment. I learned to understand who I really am. He has tremendous insight into people's personality traits, weaknesses and strengths. I have to say that the coaching sessions with him have to be one of the most valuable and worthwhile investments that I have ever made. It is the best present you could give yourself if you truly wanted to impact your life for the better. It has given me clarity and direction for my future. I recommend Kute to anyone that wants to live in the zone".
- Al Saggese
Regional Vice President of ACN (Circle of Champions member)
"Kute changed my life. He opened my mind to see that anything is possible, if I really want something. This course will light your fire and propel you towards the life you really want to live!"
- Greg Benjamin
Life Coach
"Kute, you are brilliant and clearly gifted. The world has completely opened up for me and I can't even imagine what's next. Wow! Today I look at the world with a complete new pair of glasses. My business tripled in 2005 and I'm very comfortable in my skin and it shows. My journey continues and gets more exciting as I go. I can't thank you enough for this transforming process".
- Toni Patillo
Real Estate Agent of Keller Williams
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