Learn life changing transformational technologies, be stretched beyond your limits, step into living your life's purpose becoming a master coach and leader.
The Coach Apprentice Program is a rigorous 9 month intensive transformational experiential immersion coach facilitator program that is designed to stretch you beyond your limits, evolve your consciousness, teach you the powerful facilitation tools and transformational technology to help others shift on deep levels, as well as assist you in embodying and living mastery in leadership.

This is not a traditional coach training program. It's another level.

This program is about mastery in every level of your life.

During this 9 month apprentice program, you will work intensely with renowned human potential visionary and revolutionary transformational coach, Kute Blackson, in a unique dynamic learning experience environment designed to help you access your own innate intelligence as a transformational facilitator and coach.

The Coach Apprentice Program spans 9 months, consisting of 3 in-depth, in person modules. The first module is 5 days. The second module is 5 days. The third module is 7 days. Module 1 and 2 are held in Los Angeles, CA. Module 3 is in a special location, INDIA! The Coach Apprentice Program also includes weekly training videos from Kute, a monthly conference call Learning Laboratory, intensive homework, coaching practice sessions, a monthly one on one call with Kute personally, and so much more.

To truly lead others effectively you must first lead yourself. You can only transform others to the level of your own consciousness. Since it's the level of your consciousness that will impact the space you hold, and the space you hold is determined by how clear you are within yourself.

Kute will take you through a profoundly powerful transformational journey of self-discovery, self-healing, self-expression, self-realization, and self-mastery.

The first phase is to TRANSFORM yourself and heal whatever blocks you may be consciously or unconsciously aware of on all levels.

The second phase is learning the TRANSFORMATIONAL TECHNOLOGY to assist others in shifting on deep levels. You will learn the essence and ART of real coaching. You will learn how to facilitate transformation in order to produce breakthroughs for others.

The third phase is about SERVICE. Kute believes that in order to truly lead you must first know how to serve.

During the apprenticeship you will have plenty of opportunities to serve your community, as well as to be of service as a volunteer during Kute's live seminars, and also as an assistant on the Boundless Bliss Bali journey. You will have the chance to see how Kute does things and to learn through the process of serving.

Kute believes part of mastery is not just in practice, repetition and theoretical understanding, but through osmosis. It is by being in the presence of a master in his or her field that you observe subtle nuances that become embodied within you whether you are consciously aware or not.

The fourth phase is STRATEGY. Kute will guide you in clarifying, creating and crafting your unique message into a tangible form to express to the world. As well as give you the core foundational framework to position yourself and market your coaching in an authentic way that's in alignment with who you are, with integrity.

The fifth phase (completely optional): BUSINESS and IMPLEMENTATION.

It is a 6 month, one-on-one commitment with Kute Blackson. Kute will teach and assist you in a hands-on manner, to create, structure, set up your coaching business and generate income, drawing upon his 14 years of experience as a successful coach, which will compress decades into days on your learning curve.

You will have a "partner" as Kute helps you build and bring your coaching business from concept to authentic reality in the real world with a clear roadmap and unparalleled support.

The Coach Apprentice Program is the most powerful way to accelerate your coaching business and take your life to the next level.

Kute will guide you step by step on a pathway to success.
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